When it comes to expanding a business, how you start – and who you start with – can make all the difference in the success of a new construction or renovation project. At ľƵ, we understand that the most successful business expansion projects begin well before any property is identified or a single architectural drawing is made. We have leveraged 60-plus years of industry expertise—including a decade of real estate experience—to create our ٱ𳢾Ա™ integrated business expansion solutions program. This singular, synergistic approach to business expansion provides clients large and small with the right mix of invaluable insight, powerful perspective and proven processes that is used to guide them through their entire expansion project—right from the start.

An interdisciplinary approach to business expansion, SiteLine leverages the collaborative expertise of the ľƵ of companies to provide a broad continuum of tiered services, from initial planning, to site selection and procurement, to construction and beyond:

  • Project planning phase—Assemble ideal team members based on each client’s project needs and help them to establish ideal and achievable goals.
  • Site selection phase—Employ a confidential search process, reduce the risk of unforeseen issues that can plague project budgets and schedules, and develop a sound analysis and organizational confidence prior to major capital investments.
  • Real estate transaction phaseLeverage the full prowess of our real estate brokerage team to negotiate with the utmost confidence on behalf of our clients.

rendering of First Solar's new plant


Whether expanding your business through new construction or via current property options, discover how our property experts can leverage our proprietary SiteLine integrated business expansion solutions to help you find the right address for your success.