United Way of Greater Toledo - Masonry

Masonry construction has been used throughout the world for thousands of years — but recent advancements have allowed for ever greater flexibility and longevity. A wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors are available, leading to a wide span of finishes and designs that are possible for your building.

In addition to creating a highly durable structure under normal conditions, masonry increases the building’s fire resistance as the block and mortar itself is completely noncombustible. Concrete masonry fire walls are commonly specified fire barriers — maintaining structural integrity for hours of fire exposure. 

All Saints Church & PAC-1 masonry

These buildings have a higher level of thermal insulation (versus metal buildings) leading to reduced energy costs and a reduced need for additional insulation. They are also noted for their ability to insulate sound transmission between spaces.

It is also easily reinforced with vertical steel to further enhance the structural integrity and increase the complexity of the building’s design. When reinforced with steel, masonry is also resistant to earthquakes.


VDC NORTHWOOD 3D MasonryTradesmen’s masonry software allows ľƵ Libbe Inc. to cut estimating time in half and ensure materials and supplies are ordered accurately. Materials being anticipated, ordered, and delivered correctly allows ľƵ Libbe to provide tighter project schedules and guaranteed completion dates. This software works similarly to BIM. You can see the actual wall section as it’s being built, zoom in and walk through to see the work at any elevation as well as view the building in a 3D perspective both outside and inside.