Equipment setting, moving, dismantling or installation in the expansion and modification of plant lines is critical to many industrial operations, where precision alignments and heavy rigging is required, sometimes in challenging or confined spaces.  Millwrights specialize in this type of skilled work.

Equipment that is not placed and leveled correctly can result in a lessened life-cycle or cause future maintenance or repairs which are costly and disrupt your operations.  Industrial compressors, tanks and other manufacturing equipment requires professional millwrights to first place and then align properly for successful installation.

Our turn-key capabilities include optical/transit, precision leveling and  laser shaft alignment.  If your equipment arrives ahead of schedule and your facility is not yet ready for placement, we can store it at our warehouse and arrange to transport according to your schedule.  For customers who need this level of service, our team can travel to multiple regions wherever your facilities are located.

ľƵ’s Michigan and Ohio offices are also experienced at removal and/or relocation of manufacturing line product handling and robotics equipment.

RLG setting and rigging specialist teams are specifically trained to safely lift, relocate and realign any type of industrial or commercial machinery and equipment that is critical to your daily business. In the past six years, GEM team members have completed over 30,000 jobs with zero disruptions to ongoing operations.