When Owens Corning’s headquarters building management staff noticed water leaks in the 20-year-old lobby tower, they knew it was time for a renovation. Hines, the onsite building manager for Owens Corning, partnered with ľƵ Libbe Inc. Special Accounts team to complete the renovations safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the customer’s operations. After over a year of preconstruction work and careful planning, RLI began managing the renovation project.

Working closely with Hines to coordinate the subcontracted work, RLI installed a safety net inside the tower to catch falling debris, which allowed employees to continue using the main entrance throughout construction. Working 40 feet above roof level, the crew removed and replaced 90 glass insulating units and caulk, as well as 1,000 feet of caulk joints. Imperfections in the porcelain tower panels were touched up. At project completion, the lobby tower’s professional look was restored and the building envelope is again water-tight.

ľƵ Libbe Inc. did a fantastic job managing and completing renovations to the Owens Corning World Headquarters lobby tower. The project management was exceptional with frequent, consistent communication being maintained throughout the entire project.

Steve Lutes, Assistant Engineering Manager
Hines (Owens Corning)

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