A recent renovation at City Apparel in Findlay, Ohio, created an airy, new office space and open production area to better fit the building and the new business housed there.

Andrea Kramer is the exceptionally busy president of City Apparel, a small business that sells a variety of promotional items. Managing the remodel of a building that has been in her family for more than 70 years while running her growing business was not an option.

She called on the ľƵ with some ideas for the remodel, but quickly discovered that what she wanted was far above her budget.  That’s when the ľƵ Libbe Inc. Special Accounts team got to work. This team of professionals has specific expertise and experience with smaller construction projects.  RLI brought in GEM Inc.’s mechanical and electrical project managers to help with the plumbing and electrical design and installation.

The result: A renovation that was affordable, meets her business needs and makes employees proud to come to work.

“They are crazy about the new space we are in,” Kramer said. “Everyone is excited to show up every day.”

What impressed her most was the constant communication she had with RLG associates over every aspect of the remodel. Kramer stated that the team made her feel like her project was their own business rather than simply checking boxes of tasks completed.

This experience with the remodel impressed her so much that she hired GEM Service, of the ľƵ, to handle her building’s HVAC services.

“I want to add to my positive comments about your team,” Kramer wrote in an email. “I have met with GEM about facility services. You should give yourself and your team a big “high five” for employing great people! Excellent communications skills, strong follow up and easy to work with. I have signed an HVAC maintenance contract!”

My experience was that it has paid back tenfold. I saved money because people knew what they were doing, and it wasn’t mass confusion. I felt like I was ľƵ Libbe’s only customer.

Andrea Kramer, President
City Apparel

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