GEM Service cares for nearly 200 pieces of equipment at the Ardagh Group’s Whitehouse, Ohio location under a Preventive Maintenance agreement.  It entails quarterly scheduled visits where GEM Service HVAC technicians inspect and check equipment to ensure it is operating properly and running at peak efficiency including:

AC units in the summer                        • Air handlers

• Heating units in the winter                 • Chillers

• Make-up air units                                    • Boilers

• Exhaust fans                                              • Pumps

• Change air filters                                     • Cooling towers

• Clean condenser coils                           • Backflow preventers

• Roof top units                                          • Building controls systems

Not only does the plant receive regular maintenance visits, but is able to call GEM Service 24/7 for a technician’s visit in case of an emergency or immediate need.  With a Preventive Maintenance agreement, a technician is guaranteed on site in three hours or less from the time dispatch is notified.

The facility – which runs shifts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – has the advantage of two types of Preventive Maintenance agreements: standard and comprehensive. Equipment that isn’t essential to daily operations falls under a standard Preventive Maintenance agreement meaning that the equipment is inspected/ serviced on a regular basis to ensure proper operation, lubrication and efficiency.

However, equipment that is essential to the facility’s production lines is maintained under a comprehensive preventive maintenance agreement, meaning that the customer has no additional costs if the equipment breaks down, requires repairs or needs maintenance attention.



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