Government / Institutional

I hope that the people who are able to live in this beautiful building — much more beautiful than the buildings that we lived in — are able to appreciate it, take care of it, and develop some wonderful memories of their life in this housing the way we did.

Dedication Ceremony, Collingwood Green Senior Community

Tom Seeman, former resident of LMHA housing complex
CEO, Cutter Associates

Courthouses, military bases, and public housing facilities are at the core of our local communities. They serve the public in a multitude of ways, and the nature of their service beholds them to their communities in specific ways.

For example, one of the biggest challenges of government, military, and other institutional facilities projects is the requirement to be energy efficient while maintaining a tight budget.

The ľƵ rises to this challenge by making the most out of every square foot. With more than 20 LEED professionals and Certified Energy Managers on our staff, as well as a portfolio of energy services and technologies, RLG provides innovative, responsive solutions to meet the unique needs of each facility.

Our ability to deliver seamless design, construction, and on-going maintenance serves a growing number of government institutions in our region, ensuring they can continue to provide the civic services vital to a thriving society.