November 15, 2018

How Design/Bid/Build Can Limit Future Expansion Options

When the conventional Design/Bid/Build approach is used for plant expansion, it can limit future expansion options. Important aspects in the current design can be overlooked, making future expansion costs more expensive for plant owners.

Knowing these pitfalls, and understanding the better alternatives to the traditional Design/Bid/Build process, significantly reduces costs when your facility considers future expansion.

for tips on how to remove cost and construction barriers from future plant expansion projects.

Cutting future expansion costs on current plant construction projects means asking the right questions now to reduce costs in the future. Key changes to construction specifications made now on a current plant design—which can be overlooked in the conventional Design/Bid/Build approach—will save money later when these same changes are made in the future.

The alternative to conventional Design/Bid/Build—Guided Process Solutions (GPS) from the ľƵ—prepares your facility for future growth. GPS can significantly reduce construction costs and production downtime risks for your next process expansion. Our Guided Process Solutions team combines a process-driven approach with practical and extensive construction knowledge to minimize future expansion costs and complexity on current construction projects.

for an overview of how to avoid this trap by asking the right questions, getting the right team, and ensuring the right process is being applied for both your current and future expansion plans.

For more information about the right construction approach for your next process manufacturing construction project, contact Brandon Gartee at 419.720.2677 or

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